Super simulator uncovers weaknesses

oil-spill-3-800x450Proactima have teamed up with the sea modelling experts, DHI, to develop a simulator that paints an honest picture of the actual state of oil spill preparedness on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

After several years’ development and testing, the MIKE simulator has been tweaked, adjusted and finally readied for use. MIKE will help strengthen preparedness within petroleum activities on the NCS.

The simulator has already increased the utility value of oil preparedness analyses in planning for oil wells, along with documenting the impact of risk-mitigating measures.

Jared Eckroth, Proactima’s Project Manager, explains: “MIKE represents a completely new concept for cost-effective environmental risk and preparedness analyses in the oil industry. The simulator produces data by including spill preparedness in oil drift simulations with the systems’ actual effectiveness in relation to waves, light and weather conditions.”

The simulator visualises oil drift in individual scenarios with 3D animation and video. The result shows the oil drift, emergency response, spreading and stranding in coastal areas hour by hour at a high geographical resolution.

“MIKE makes it possible to perform all simulations of drift and spreading in all Norwegian waters and far beyond. With the model, we can set up detailed simulations around a spill site or a chosen coastal segment,” Eckroth explains.

Proactima and DHI presented the simulator at a Norwegian Clean Seas Association for Operating Companies forum in March, and will chair a new meeting next week.

Contact: Jared Eckroth – 942 93 829