About Proactima

Proactima is a nationally recognised supplier of services in risk management, national security and HSE management.

We take a comprehensive approach in each of the above areas, and therefore offer services in the following:

We have leading specialists in all our service areas, and all our consultants have specialised skills in at least one of these areas. This makes our company a stimulating working environment and allows us to put together project teams tailored to our assignment and our clients’ needs.

To strengthen our ability to adapt to the client’s needs, we have also established a subsidiary company, Proactima Project Services (PPS). PPS is a network of 50 independent consultants with broad, solid backgrounds from the petroleum industry, who are hired out to companies in need of consultant support.

Throughout the company’s decade-long history we have completed a number of projects for companies, organisations and government in oil and gas, transport, the maritime sector, public sector and bank/insurance. It is our goal to be at the front edge of development in our field, and we are therefore involved in a number of R&D projects.


Proactima was founded in Stavanger in 2003 by Hermann Steen Wiencke and Richard Heyerdahl. After a modest start, we have experienced remarkable growth. In early 2006 there were seven of us, and in 2016 we have grown to more than 90 experienced consultants in our offices in Stavanger, Bergen, Oslo and Trondheim.

Our vision

Proactima shall be a nationally recognised supplier of services in risk management, HSE management and national security. By “recognised” we mean:

  • Recognised by our clients for excellent products, high skill level and appropriate quality of our services.
  • Recognised in society (professional community, relevant industries, clients) as a contributor to the development of our fields through participation in national R&D programmes and development of new products and services.
  • Recognised in the industry as an attractive workplace that provides good opportunities for development, good terms, and where it is enjoyable to work.

Our core values

Integrity, expertise and balance are Proactima’s core values, guiding us as we strive to reach our goals.


We believe that a systematic effort to build our company’s specialised skills is important to ensure high quality in our products and services. We believe that continuous learning is important for the well-being and development of our employees.


  • We shall deliver what we promise.
  • We shall comply with all laws and regulations.
  • We shall be open and honest with our clients, and we shall foster an open, honest internal dialogue in our company.


  • Freedom and responsibility: we desire independent employees with a great degree of freedom to work as they prefer, but also with a great degree of responsibility and loyalty to the company’s values and attitudes.
  • Individuals and teamwork: we want our employees to develop and flourish, while they also help others and contribute to the team.
  • Work and family: we want employment in Proactima to be compatible with a good family life.

«Proactima - integrity, competence and balance»